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it on fire to get rid of the body. >> this is what nightmares are made of what these two -- i'll use the term loosely -- people did. >> reporter: when birdsall tried to ditch the car he was identified by a witness and by a relative. a search warrant was filed. any coachnicosia said, we killed someone. >> he broke downed and started crying. >> reporter: deputies say the suspects will be charged with murder and are expected to be in court next monday. >>> a nanny suspected of killing two small children in new york city now under arrest and she too is in critical condition. the children's mother came home last night to her apartment near central park found the bodies of her 2 and 6-year-olds in the bathtub. the nanny also had stab wounds which police say wer self- inflicted. the children's father previously lived in san francisco and worked at yahoo. >>> a bay area community college district took a $100,000 hit. it had nothing to do with budget cuts. two former employees accused of embezzling the cash using a district credit card. anne makovec reports from san mateo. >> reporter: one of those em
been used. they haven't said yet whether the woman died before or after the fire. >> she is by herself here. >> reporter: denise says she knows the woman who lives here and calls her barbara. she says barbara lives here with the homeowner, a retired san francisco firefighter currently on a trip to utah. this is barbara's sister who told me off camera that barbara and the homeowner were involved in a long happy relationship. >> we are going to pull out all the stops to be sure what we're doing is correct and if this was a homicide that we have the upper hand. >> reporter: now, investigators say it's also possible that what happened here overnight was a suicide. live in castro valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> we got some more breaking news this in oakland right now. we're told holy name university's campus is on lockdown at 3500 mountain boulevard in the oakland hills. this is live footage from chopper 5. police tell us that someone called in to say they saw a person possibly armed with a weapon on the campus. officers are now searching the school right now. once again chop
by the u.s. that's renee and his son eduardo in the front row of a naturalization ceremony at the paramount theater in oakland. renee is not a u.s. citizen but was the guest of honor receiving a warm round of applause from a room of more than 1,000 people after a cbs 5 story was played for the crowd. it showed renee saluting and kissing the american flag. he was passing out flyers for his daughter-in-law's housecleaning business. he did not know his actions were being recorded. >> this is an asset for the sincerity of love i have for the u.s. internally, i thank the u.s. for what it's done for my country, for my family, and for myself. >> reporter: eduardo just became a u.s. citizen two years ago. renee returns to el salvador on friday. >>> there are renewed fears about the safety of a 14-year- old pakistani girl shot in the head. she was targeted because she was an outspoken supporter of education for girls. she was moved to england to help protect her from further attacks but british police have now turned away people posing as members of her family. >> we don't believe there's any sort o
the officers so there is no fear. >> reporter: a u.s. district judge has scheduled a december hearing where he could decide to put opd in the justice department's hands. live in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> thank you. a string of violence in san jose. police are investigating two separate homicides that happened within a four-hour span. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec with more on the search for the killer. >> the person that got killed was an older guy with a kid and a wife. >> reporter: this man didn't want to be identified but just after 12:30 this morning he watched his friend die after being shot outside of his birthday party at this home. >> all they said was shots fired. the guy ran into the house and dropped to the floor. i didn't see anything. all i was told is it was gangbangers wearing blue rags. >> reporter: police also believe the killing was gang- related. city's 36th homicide of the year. the 35th occurred earlier on south second street in downtown san jose on the same night. you can see remnants of the crime tape. police said there was a fight and when they got there a man wa
reporter cate caugiran has been there all morning and joins us with the very latest. cate. >> reporter: frank, michelle, this is one stubborn fire. i want to show you now crews are still here on scene. they are sort of babysitting this building right here. i'm told also that an arson team is on scene. they are going to be starting their investigation, san francisco fire says the fire could have been accidental. it was a fire that would not quit. firefighters say it started at the popular "squat & gobble" restaurant and made its way to four other businesses. >> he saw the flames and everybody. >> reporter: he and his brother own the restaurant for 10 years. right now his brother is out of town. >> this was a -- the restaurant was his baby. he takes care of everything. he has to do it right. >> reporter: frank had to break the sad news that their restaurant was a complete loss. >> such a meeting spot for this part of town, for the community, the food is wonderful. everybody there is so nice. this is just terrible. everybody who works there, everybody who lives around here is really, real
james kwon allegedly sought thousands of dollars in reimbursements for expenses he used in strip clubs. it makes no mention of kwon, currently in china on a businessry. the investigation reveals kwon billed for personal expenses in thousands of dollars. >>> the stock is way down today. the dow is down 220 points. this is a very sour end to an otherwise strong week of trading. not too much has changed but california's unemployment rate is still moving in the right direction. it's getting better. the state jobless rate went down from 10.6 to 10.2%. job growth in education, finance and hospitality sectors are driving the rate. >>> 11 straight days of gasoline prices going down. the travel season is winding up and price tips are giving bay area drives a little relief. according to the daily fuel gauge report san francisco still has the highest local average at 4.60 the second highest in the state, oakland at 4.51 and san jose at 4.50. >>> i-80 corridor in the east bay can be a traffic nightmare. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is live with the new project that uses cutting edge technology now
since 2006. but as cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us now, today's game isn't the only thing that has as fans mighty happy. >> let's go, oakland! >> reporter: we're told it's the day to be an a. >> let's go, oakland! >> reporter: hours before the game, dedicated as fans set up tents and fired up the grill. for the love of the as, and the game. >> we love our as with a passion. >> reporter: the as could stay in oakland for a few more years. >> the commission currently is -- we put a proposal on the table. four, five extra years. we're excited. >> reporter: he says the extended stay will give the city time to plan on a long- term solution of building a new stadium. >> it's about time oakland tries to keep the oakland as in oakland. >> reporter: there were rumors that the as were headed to the south bay. i spoke with fans about the potential long distance relationship and they were nothing short of honest. would you go to a game in san jose? >> uhm....... probably not. just because i like to party a little bit and i wouldn't want to do the driving and drinking. >> they should be able to
and today, pg&e crews are gearing up to help millions left without power. >> we're very used to pitching in in the wake of a disaster such as a hurricane or natural disaster such as a fire and helping rebuild electrical infrastructure. >> reporter: more than 150 pg&e crews including underground specialists will help supplies cables and repair power poles knocked down by falling trees. governor jerry brown announced that california emergency management agency is also working to deploy utility crews. while members of the state's urban search-and-rescue are already on scene. the red cross, however, is having the same problem as many travelers. >> we're not able to send any more volunteers because the airports are closed. >> reporter: nearly 11,000 people stayed in red cross shelters overnight in 16 states. >> in the flooding situation, they need shelter, food and the volunteers are ready to give people those basic necessities. >> reporter: at sfo, there are some flights preparing to take off for the east coast later this afternoon. but that all could change depending on the weather. passeng
many of the family members very upset, too upset to speak with us but would speak later on when more information was out. >>> and now a man wanted in a mass shooting will appear in court, accused of killing seven people at oikos university. if convicted, he could get the death penalty. >>> and crews are searching at this hour for two michiganing fishermen who left candlestick point early yesterday and headed out to the ocean, but the 23-foot boat capsized. a helicopter and otwo cutters are searching ocean waters and sheriff units are combing a long stretch of beaches in southern san mateo county. the two missing men were not wearing life jackets when a big wave hit their vessel credit morning. >> they were hit by a 15-foot wave that took them by surprise and knocked all four people in the water. once they were in the water they were getting pounded by additional waves. two made it to shore and two are still outstanding. >> the two who made it to shore had life jackets and reported the incident to the sheriff's office. so far there is no talk of calling off the search. >>> the c
and trapping at least two others. the two trapped workers are using cell phones to now talk to rescue teams. four other workers were taken to the hospital. one in serious condition. investigators are looking into what caused the collapse. >>> fast moving fire damaged nearly a dozen businesses in union city today. the fire broke out around 1:00 this morning at a strip mall on alvarado boulevard. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the devastation. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: he was the owner of a small grocery market until the fire destroyed it and nine other businesses were damaged. >> it's everything i have. especially business now is slow, and then this happens. this is a very bad day. >> reporter: alameda county fire got a call from a passerby after 1:00 this morning. by the time firefighters arrived at dyer and alvarado boulevard, it had a good head start. >> the strip mall you can see is going in both directions instead of just staying -- it's not confined. it's going both ways. we had to stop it both ways. normally we cut holes in the roof to confine the fire and to allow us
lawrence karnow tells us more. >> it looks quiet almost like yesterday not much on the doppler radar but i want to show you what happens if we pull this out a little bit. look at the moisture somewhat usual way to get rain in the bay area but it's wraparound moisture making its way through the central valley and should be approaching the bay area this afternoon right at that time when we get maximum heating so we could even squeeze out a couple of thunderstorms in the bay area, maybe some more reports of hail and some lightning, too. we'll have more on that weather coming up in a minute but also maybe a possibility of a heat wave too. more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> campaign 2012 now just six hours to go until the vice- presidential nominees begin their one and only debate tonight. joe biden and paul ryan will share the stage in kentucky. cbs reporter randall pinkston tells us one of the candidates is fueling up on two things. sports drinks and animal crackers. >> reporter: paul ryan is in kentucky getting ready for his face-to-face
employee used thousands of >>> good afternoon everybody. >> hey everybody. the port of oakland is reviewing it's expense policy after an employee used thousands of dollars in taxpayer money at a trip club. kate is on the fall out of the improper spending. >> the board of port commissioners is planning to meet this afternoon to talk more about the director. right now the port leader is facing heat after these allegations. now he was appointed to his position in 2007. according to the san francisco chronical, this incident happened four years ago. he allegedly spent more than $4,500 entertaining shipping industry executives at treasures, this upscale gentlemen's strip club in houston. the problem, he charged the bill to his bosses. it wasn't discovered until now after a series of media public relations request. also he listed the business as d. houston inc. the parent company. right now they're scrambling to get a handle on the visit and see if this was the only misuse of money. >> they're taking this very seriously. we have actually been working on and strengthening our expense poll signed a
. i hope it's not too long. that will keep us staying up late. back to you. >> to track the rain for yourself go, to cbssf.com to get the latest live doppler radar. >>> a torture epitomizes the 2010 season, 2012 defined by the giants resiliance. four days ago they were a game away from finishing the season and now they need one game to go to the world series. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: there's a lot of hype around this game. the giants said it's sold out. your best bet is to go to online resalers. in a few hours, the team will be back on the field prepping for game 7, the gateway to baseball's biggest stage. >> oh, my goodness they have to win. i know they can do it. >> reporter: it's winner-take- all. the giants not giving up without a fight and fans doing their best to handle the pressure. >> total nail biting, totally. lots of eating. [ laughter ] >> lots of calories. but that's okay. we're going to burn it off. >> it's hard, you know? i mean, i get heart attacks almost every inning. >> we're better under pressure. so giants torture at its finest. we're
that pattern and wanting to take advantage of that. >> the victim's children are now using social media to try to help police with their investigation. so far, they have about 140,000 followers on facebook. >>> a grisly discovery in east oakland. police say a decomposing body wrapped in cloth was found last night inside a car near the intersection of ritchie and olive next to the arroyo viejo rec center in oakland's eastmont neighborhood. police say the body appears to have been there for some time. investigators are not sure yet whether this is a homicide. >>> two bay area lawmakers are protesting a move by the state public utilities commission regarding the san bruno explosion and fire. san mateo assemblyman jerry hill and san bruno mayor jim ruane want a judge to reject the puc's request to suspend the pipeline hearings over pg&e's penalties. the lawmakers argue putting the hearings on hold until next month would allow pg&e to negotiate settlements behind closed doors and avoid public scrutiny. >>> a coalition of community groups in san jose is boycotting the bay area's largest latino groce
hundreds of protestors clash with oakland police as they used tear gas to try and disperse the crowds. today "occupiers" are vowing to take back the area. the spoke with an organizer who says all the events are peaceful today and maintain that "occupy" movements are always intended to be peaceful. mayor quan says while they don't anticipate a big crowd the city is prepared for anything. >> we think pretty clear for the whole last year, no violence, no vandalism, no camping. we hope people if they want to have a peaceful demonstration, we're ready to accommodate them. but we're also ready to enforce the rules. >> reporter: "occupy oakland" organizers have been sending out messages through twitter telling people to bring tents, warm clothes and shields. the city sent out a note to local businesses asking them to stay open and they reassured them that they are prepared to offer them community support. "occupiers" say they will be back at frank ogawa plaza at 3 p.m. and after that they will have a community forum followed by a march tonight at 7:00 and whether or not it is peaceful has ye
. but if you don't like traffic and congestion, you may just want to steer clear. elizabeth wenger joins us with all that's happening around town. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon. that's right. and we're here at america's cup village with a bunch of tents set up by marina green. if you are a sailor, this is the place to be as well as if you're a bluegrass music love or an italian food lover and, of course, one of the biggest draws is going to be fleet week going on this weekend. yes, there is a little bit of something for everyone. so we actually got a little head started and we got to hop on board the uss macon island a navy assault ship here for fleet week. you may have seen it docked in the bay. it's offering tours this weekend, lots of different aircraft on board. it has a mobile surgical center so it could be called in to help san francisco if there was ever an earthquake or other disaster. >> ships like this responded to hurricane katrina in new orleans and ships like this responded to haiti following the earthquake down there. >> reporter: here's a map of what else is going on. we h
into that c17. and they will be used for widespread efforts on the east coast as it gets slammed by hurricane sandy. more than 100 guards men and women from the 129th rescue wing are taking part in this mission. after leaving moffett field, they will land in charlotte, north carolina. from there, crews, including guardian angel air and rescue teams will disburse where never they are needed. they won't fly directly into the heart of the storm but will go where they can and help where there is flooding. they're bringing medical supplies, food and flight- saving equipment for water rescue. they will get there and be ready for any circumstance. >> usually, after a hurricane, the biggest thing is you don't have any communication. you are going to be basically isolated. water shortages. we're ready. we're a very combined task force and able to take care of ourselves first and then we're able to take care of individuals. >> the 129th rescue wing saved more than 200 people during hurricane katrina. and this time around, they say they will stay on the east coast, as long as they are needed. melissa ha
street. it will end up there at sisk center plaza where they tell us a million people are standing by along the parade route and at the sisk center today. ken bastida along with -- our team out there as -- there he is, sergio romo. knocking it for the crowd, got the shades going, the hat spun around backwards, the hoodie and the whole business. this guy, comes out of nowhere, makes his way through the minors and bam. >> i think he's stock shot up and he is a legitimate closer. if you look at the beginning of the season, the giants lost their 2nd baseman, freddy sanchez, brian wilson for a year and sergio romo steps up and bams one of the -- became one of the best closers in baseball. >> we told you we would be giving you live kornlg and the best perspective. we want to go to juliette goodrich who i believe is in a specially motorized vehicle giving us a perspective seen only on cbs 5. juliette? >> reporter: hello, ken. yes, we are with mobile 5 and we actually got lucky. we hopped on with security. so no, we're not in a convertible, we're in a go-cart but that's okay. we're here
's defense ministry says apple should follow google's lead in using only the low resolution satellite pictures to show sensitive facilities. >>> some bad news, california has set a state record for gas prices for a fourth straight day. but good news, the hike may be slowing. the average price of regular jumped only a fraction of a cent overnight. that's compared to nearly 50 cents in the past week. it's now a bit over $4.67 a gallon. it's still the highest price in the nation and an all-time high for the golden state. of course what goes up generally comes back down but why such vastly different speeds? cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says a lot of it can be blamed on consumer behavior. >>> reporter: why is it gas prices seem to shoot up overnight but take forever to come back down? according to economists, it could be your fault. when gas prices are on the way up, consumers are more willing to drive the extra mile to save an extra buck. ha. 4.85. so you may drive by, say, 4.85 in hopes finding something cheap air few blocks away. by comparison, $4.75 may seem like a steam. i
it at 10 million bucks? >> reporter: we asked. they have another boat also that they planned to use. but at this point they have to get it out of the water to see the problems. >> thank you. the america's cup is trying to bring fans closer to the action by using high-tech gear, as well. you can see how they are doing that tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight at 5:30. >>> president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail this afternoon after their spirited debate last night. as cbs reporter danielle nottingham shows us, both sides are scrambling to find votes with less than 3 weeks until the election. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney head to separate corners of the country to campaign after one of the most combative presidential debates in memory. >> you will get your chance in a moment. i'll still speaking. >> i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours. >> reporter: the president and his republican challenger clashed on just about every issue invading each other's space and battling for a dwindling supply of uncommitted voter
october and usually now our presses aren't running. this has really helped us. >> reporter: fresh on the printing screens to the at&t dugout store. it opened early but not early enough for some die-hard fans. >> had to get it before everybody else. you can support the team and just proud, proud to be a san franciscan. >> showing the pride for the team. it's impressive. >> reporter: the tigers will be here for afternoon practice at 4:00 and the giants at 5:00. tomorrow every seat is expected to be filled. >> it's been an amazing post- season run. we had no idea that we were going to get here. the team came through and we are thrilled to bring a world series back to san francisco. >> reporter: your best bet is online stubhub, standing room only $375 and the highest prices going for $10,000. now, frank and liz, i told you this morning there was a contest that the giants are going to set up for two free world series tickets. i just looked it up. in order to apply or to get a chance to win you have to romo bomb, you have to insert a creative one of our own photos and tweet it with the
the first three innings, second watch us hopefully beat the tigers. >> reporter: this morning field crews were pulling back the tarp from the infield getting it ready for the world series spotlight. >> it's a chance of a lifetime. >> reporter: fans in the dugout store were waiting for new world series gear hot off the delivery truck. >> my boyfriend. >> are you going to any of the games? >> not being a broke college student. just watching. >> reporter: businesses are cashing in on giants fever. the chancellor is running a promotion, two grand two tickets and a room for the night. >> we are getting a lot more calls recently because it kind of came in fast. but the excitement is definitely there. we're already getting calls about games 6 and 7. >> reporter: next wednesday and thursday if played here at at&t park. mayor lee has a bet with the mayor of detroit. that bet was that the loser has to go to the winner's town, do some work at a charity, tour some of the businesses that make that city great. i don't know exactly what that would be here in san francisco, to be determined. mayor lee ho
was using up precious cell data even when it was connected to wi-fi. this pushed many other of their monthly limits long before they should have reached the catch. apple has released a software update to fix it now and verizon says it won't charge for any resulting overages. some at&t customers are reporting some similar problems, as well. >>> the first debate between mitt romney and barack obama is one day away. both candidates are behind closed doors getting ready. the outcome of the debates could help decide the election. but both campaigns are downplaying expectation. cbs reporter tara mergener has more from the white house. >> reporter: workers are setting the stage for wednesday night's presidential debate at the university of denver. both candidates are behind closed doors today getting ready. mitt romney is preparing in colorado and the latest polls show he is trailing the president in most swing states. >> we can do this. >> reporter: his running mate paul ryan is on a bus tour working to sway voters in iowa. >> our goal is to earn your support. we want to deserve this victory. >> r
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